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Grow Your Youth

ALL lessons, just $19.95!

The Game Begins

The Game Begins series teaches students that they must develop a spiritual strategy in life if they are serious about letting God develop their life's potential...

Light of the World

When we let God's Holy Spirit develop these traits in us we will shine brightly in this world that can sometimes be dark and unforgiving...

Build Yourself

We are all under construction. God has created each of us and desires that we partner with Him in the constructing of our lives...

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Learn What's Going On

  • 72% of teenagers say they pray to God in a typical week.

  • 31% of teenagers read the Bible in a given week.

  • 9 out of 10 teens say it would be easier for them to avoid sexual activity if they were able to have more open conversations with their parents.

  • Over 80% of teens who claim to be “born-again” do not believe in the existence of absolute truth

  • 58% of Christian teens believe all faiths teach equally valid truths.

  • Less than half of Christian teens have shared their faith in Christ with others in last year.

Share Your Thoughts

What would you say is the main goal of your ministry?

  learning the basics of Christian faith
  deep spiritual growth

Statement of Faith

The Bible is the inspired word of God and thus is perfect and without error. Its purpose is to communicate God’s love, plans and expectations for mankind...